Here I am... Here's a little bit of me.

I live. I try to unvail the most beautiful side of my life. Photography has become a need.
I'm obsessed about capturing these incredible moments.
I'm in the process of learning. I'm doing lots of mistakes. I'm growing. I'm becoming stronger.
I feel alive.
How does it feel to be alive?

Art Direction :

Feel free to contact me if you want to collaborate on a project.

Based in Geneva - Switzerland & Berlin - Germany
Currently looking for a representation.

♔ Etapes (France)
♔ Semi-Permanent Book 2007 (AU)
♔ Semi-Permanent Book 2008 (AU)
♔ Semi-Permanent Book 2009 (AU)
♔ Semi-Permanent Book 2010 (AU)
♔ Crack world new designers 07/08 book
♔ IdN Magazine (15th anniversary)
♔ Paulette Magazine
♔ Zupi Magazine (Brazil)
♔ 100% European Graphic Design (China)
♔ Fashionized 2 Book
♔ Computer Arts (Uk)
♔ Root Magazine

♔ Advanced Creation (France)
♔ Illustration Now 3 (Taschen)

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